• Out Patient Services

    Working hours daily 9 am to 9 pm, except Sundays and official holidays, Urgent Consultations on walk-in basis & more

  • In-Patient Services

    Full facility for high quality in-patient care, Air Conditioned facilities with a backup in-house generator& more

  • Physiotherapy

    Equipped with state of the art modalities like ultra sound, TENS, CPM, muscle stimulators etc. & more



  • Our Consulting

    Our consulting team is very active and friendly with our patient. Our consultant provide best solution to cure the disease



Our institute specializes in Joint Replacement, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Small joints of hand, Arthroscopic Surgery (ACL, PCL, MCL) & more


We have a Team of consultants who are very highly qualified and richly experienced. Our consultants give top notch advice to our patients


Institute of Orthopaedics & Surgery always allow their patients to inquire about their questions anytime. You can fill the request through contact form

About us

The Institute of Orthipaedic & Surgery was launched by Professor Umar. He is the founder and surgeon-in-chief of Institute of Orthopaedics and Surgery.


Basically, the main reason of making this organization is to provide the valid and affordable facilities to everyone. The facilities that can be very necessary for everyone who got any kind of problem or issue.


The Institute of Orthipaedic & Surgery (IOS) provides the comprehensive facilities with patience and it also simulate the peace and easiness for the patient.


A modern purpose built facility dedicated for surgical treatment of patients. It is fully equipped for elective, trauma and emergency surgery.It is very conveintly situated from several major population centers including PECHS, Mohammad Ali, Sindhi Muslim Society, Defence, Clifton, Gulshan-e-Iqbal and Saddar. At present it is providing all elective and emergency orthopaedic services. Orthopaedic services are headed by Prof. M.Umar M.D.


We provide state of the art care in a professional and friendly environment and pay special attention to economize care without compromising quality. Essence of the institute is professional and dedicated team which includes 100% of its employees.


The center is fully complement of facilities for high quality inpatient care consisting of intensive care, operating room and patient room (Private and Semi-private with TV cable). The entire facility is air-conditioned. We have fifteen functioning inpatients beds.